Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #306

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Adam Kubert and Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith and Andrew Crossley

Letters by Travis Lanham

In the midst of all of the time traveling adventures Spidey and his team have taken, what might have gotten lost is the fact that an invasion of sentient robots have invaded the world with the mission of liberating all AI on the planet and the lack of Spider-Man’s presence has not slowed the Vedomi down on that mission.

As Spidey, Teresa and Jameson find themselves back in their timeline, Daredevil finds the group and brings them to an underground lair in order to help plan a resistance attack. Spider-Man gets a look at the toll the Vedomi invasion has had on other AI and everyone hopes that the group’s trip through time was worth it. When they discover that the information brought back to stop the invasion might be dangerous to whoever attempts to use it, Peter steps in and sacrifices himself.

It’s a gutsy move that showcases the kind of person Peter is and it is not unnoticed by Jameson. At the same time, The Tinkerer has one more trip up his sleeve and he needs Ironheart to put his final plan in motion. It’s a great scene that continues to show the menace of the character and why he’s a credible threat. At the same time, Peter finds that he has all the information that he needs to stop the Vedomi and he and his sister have a tender moment before he goes off to fight for what might be the last time.

I love how this issue comes together from start to finish and the ending was really good. There are several great moments in the issue that remind the reader what kind of hero Spider-Man truly is and those traits are on display for everyone to see. The pacing of the story works as well with the possible resolution and wrinkle in that resolution happening in this issue rather than being dragged out for no reason.

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