SLNCR_Cv9The Silencer #9

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by Patch Zircher

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Honor continues her body switching adventure with Quietus inside her body running down a clue that will take him to her unsuspecting family. Honor, in Quietus’ body, intervenes and the two of them duke it out through the streets which is exactly what Wishbone wants. After convincing Honor of Wishbone’s involvement, the two decide to work together to find her and get their bodies back.


When the head of Leviathan’s magic division decides that the two rivals,  now partners are getting too close for comfort, she uses more magic to get a third rival involved. With the cost of her use of magic rising, Wishbone unleashes a terrifying threat on the island. One that is headed straight towards Honor’s family.

The tension and thrills in this story are making this series more interesting with each issue. Abnett knows how to draw out the story in a way that doesn’t lose anything in the narrative. Honor’s attempts to keep her family life separate from her past are becoming more desperate and that desperation is adding to the suspense of this series. If the end of this issue is any indication, Honor and her secrets are about to have a reckoning with her family sooner rather than later.

Patch Zircher does some great work with the art. I love the details in the panels as well as the composition of the action scenes. The art drew me in with each panel and I really enjoyed the rising tension of each page. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Silencer #9




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