SLNCR_Cv16The Silencer #16

DC Comics

Written by Dan Abnett

Art by V Ken Marion

Inks by Sandu Florea

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Smoke is on the run and Honor is in hot pursuit.



Smoke has decided that the best revenge she can get on Honor and Talia is to take Honor’s family from her and expose the fact that she is lying to Talia about being turned. The pair continue their fight and Honor discovers that if she keeps the cone of silence going, Smoke remains solid. Their chase leaves a path of destruction across the night and they separate shortly after.

In the aftermath, Honor gets her act together and gets back on the hunt. Unfortunately, Smoke is closer to their mutual target and is about to get more info from the men who keep Honor armed. Both parties converge on Charleston and Honor decides to take the biggest chance in the world when she enters her home to confront her husband in costume.

Dan Abnett keeps the story moving with tight action and dialogue. The story continues to develop into something interesting and fun for the reader. Honor continues to be a great character and Abnett is doing a great job of bringing her world into focus as it continues to get smaller. Everything between Honor and Talia continues to be well done, especially how complicated things are getting between them.

V Ken Marion delivers some great art in this issue. Both the story and the art work together seamlessly with Marion taking the action packed story and elevating it with the art.

The Silencer #16




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