WW_Cv69Wonder Woman #69

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Xermanico

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Love is definitely in the air in a small town in Connecticut.

Everyone has decided to give in to their deepest desires and that means those who have lusted for each other give in to their temptations and spurned spouses find new desire with unrequited loves. Even with all the marital and relationship strife bubbling under the surface, the town itself continues to be a bacchanalian paradise.


Diana, Aphrodite and Maggie are flying over the area trying to see if the sword she received will give her a sign of where they need to go next. Instead, another sign forces the trio to land in the town and investigate what is going on with its inhabitants. When an army of angry cupids descend on them, it takes everything in the goddess of love to stop the creatures. When they venture further into the town, they find that the person controlling the town has a personal connection to Aphrodite.

Wilson is doing a great job of moving this story along and effectively connecting it to Diana’s journey. Not only are the stakes raised and deeply personal, but Wilson makes them fun through the writing. Diana is proactive and a little foolhardy. Something that has grown on me recently. The other members of her party have an interesting dynamic and I want to see how it develops.

Xermanico’s art is fantastic and every page is filled with beautiful details and action. All of the characters look amazing and the art matches the tone and style of the story perfectly.

Wonder Woman #69




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