RedMother_001_Cover_A_MainThe Red Mother #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Jeremy Haun

Art by Danny Luckert

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: A tragic event will open up a new world of terrors.

Daisy’s life changes when she and her boyfriend Luke take a walk through the streets of the city. When they pass by the gate of an open church, the pair is attacked by an unseen entity and Daisy is left alone, unconscious and missing her right eye.


Months later, with Luke still missing and her own recovery coming along, Daisy begins to have strange encounters where her vision turns red, her missing eye returns and a dark, dangerous entity stalks her from the shadows.

The Story: Perfectly paced and filled with mystery, Jeremy Haun crafts a brilliant, dark tale that immediately engaged me both with its plot and characters. From the first few pages I was invested in Daisy and Luke’s relationship, the tragedy of Luke’s disappearance and what happened to Daisy. there is some great writing in this issue and none of it feels forced or false. There is an authenticity to the emotion and the dialogue and that makes me want to read more.

The Art: Danny Luckert’s art is beautiful. The characters are beautifully detailed and they come to life on the page. The backgrounds are great and the panels move the story along in a way that complements both the tone of the story, but the pace of its action. I loved the last pages especially and how they build to that terrifying reveal.

The Red Mother #1




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