Something Is Killing the Children #4

Boom! Studios

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Werther Dell’edera

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Erica Slaughter prepares to face the creature killing the children, but she’ll realize soon enough that she’s being hunted herself.


Erica has left police custody and is preparing to take on the creature that has been cutting a swath of destruction both physical and psychological through the town. With James at her side and a shopping cart full of weapons, the pair set out into the woods to find the creatures den.

At the same time, the brother of one of the victims continues to have a tough time dealing with their loss and he’s found a focus of his rage; Erica. Taking his father’s gun, Tommy decides to he’s going to get revenge on the woman he thinks is responsible and the fact that the police have not only let her go, but seem to be sitting by and letting her operate freely. Something he doesn’t know is being orchestrated by someone a lot more powerful.

The Story: This story continues to be both engaging and intriguing to me. I love the characters and the plot is moving at an amazing pace. All of the dialogue and plot pacing feels natural in their progression and I continue to be impressed with the new and interesting twists that James Tynion IV is putting into this story. There are new characters added that are interesting, Erica’s story adds to my curiosity and the conclusion of the issue is done perfectly to take advantage of the tension that has been built throughout the issue.

The Art: Dell’edera is more subtle with the art in this issue. This issue is all about the human story happening in the town so the art takes the time to illuminate the characters and their surroundings effectively to draw in the reader. I love the fact that Dell’edera keeps Erica’s face mostly hidden while showing the rest of the characters clearly. It adds to her mystery and the drama and tension of the series.


Something is killing the children #3




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