The Neighbors #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Jude Ellison S. Doyle

Art by Letizia Cadonici

Colors by Alessandro Santoro

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: A new family moves into town and discovers something disturbing about their new neighbors.

The youngest child of a new family becomes curious about the old woman sitting in her yard and decides to pay her a visit. As the old woman smiles and continues to talk to herself, the child is taken home where there is some growing tension between the oldest daughter and her mother’s new partner.

As the family gets use to their surroundings, the daughter is paid a visit by a mysterious stranger in the night. A stranger who takes the young woman into the local woods. Woods that hold a dark mystery.

The Story: The first issue of this series has some interesting characters, relationship dynamics and mysteries that were really engaging. The build up is really good and the interpersonal conflicts create an interesting world to explore. I enjoyed the slow burn of the plot and how it transitioned into a great dark mystery that I want to explore.

The Art: Cadonici delivers some great visuals throughout the issue. There is a wonderful use of shadow throughout that brilliantly complements the tone of the story.

The Neighbors #1



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