Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Al Ewing

Art by Andrea Di Vito

Colors by Jim Charalampodis and Rachelle Rosenberg

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: With everything she loves gone, Destiny seeks help from Storm and her rebels.

The hidden rebel base gets an unexpected visitor in the form of Destiny. With Sinister’s forces spreading across the galaxy, Destiny has decided to see Storm and her Brotherhood in order to find a way to stop the plans of Orbis Stellaris, who is another clone of Sinister.

Storm and her allies attack the base directly using Destiny and her powers to predict the moves of their enemy. Unfortunately, there is another Sinister at play who is watching events unfold and Storm makes a last minute adjustment to her plans. One that will gain them something unexpected, but will also cost them much.

The Story: Ewing delivers a thrilling adventure filled with emotion, tension and action. There are a lot of elements at play both interpersonal and external, but Ewing makes the reader feel like a part of every moment and that immersion in the story and its characters make the issue work for me. I love the progression of the story and there are some great moments towards the end that made me excited because of how surprising they are.

The Art: Di Vito delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The characters look amazing and the action is visually thrilling from start to explosive finish.

Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2



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