The Mandalorian

Disney Plus

Season 2 Episode 7

Chapter 15: The Believer

We get our first look at New Republic justice in this episode as we see a prison colony and their job dismantling old imperial equipment like Tie-fighters. The production design never ceases to amaze as Mando and company pick up Mayfield (Bill Burr) in order to utilize his knowledge of the empire.

The team heads to an imperial mining hub to attempt to locate Moff Gideon’s cruiser and we get to see that during the downtime, Boba took the time to polish his old armor and make it look awesome again. The mission will also require Mando to make a compromise that will upset some fans while delighting others.

Bill Burr is funny, but completely untrustworthy. His motivations as Mayfeld are unknown, but his performance brings a likeable charm to the character. As the pair make their way to the hidden facility, they are set upon by pirates in an awesome action filled chase that ends with Mayfield delivering a line we were all thinking as we watched the sequence.

The episode does a great job laying out the central conceit of the both the empire and the remnants and how their beliefs continue to drive them. Richard Brake gives a chilling performance as an imperial officer who turns his attention to Mayfeld and Mando. In a short sequence, Brake manages to lay out how the imperial remnants plan to take back control. In a sense, he tells the audience the plans for the First Order. It is a great performance that is over way too soon.

There’s some standard run and gun action leading into the finale and it is shot incredibly well. The characters all have some great moments and the appreciation of this iteration of Boba Fett continues with an awesome moment that brings back memories of Attack of the Clones. The episode ends with another call back to the first season of the series and is both chilling and fun.

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