The Flash on The CW has been renewed for a fifth season on the network and it looks like the cast of the hit series getting ready to expand as well.

According to Deadline and other sources, The Flash will add three of its guest stars and recurring characters as series regulars when the series returns for its fifth season.


Hartley Sawyer will return as Ralph Dibney aka The Elongated Man as a series regular for the fifth season. Dibney debuted in the fourth episode of the fourth season titled “Elongated Journey Into Night” as an old enemy of Barry Allen who becomes a reluctant ally and superhero after gaining powers following Barry’s return from the Speed Force.

The Trial of The Flash

Danielle Nicolete plays District Attorney Cecile Horton on the series. She came on sporadically in the first and third seasons before her characters romance with Joe West results in the two of them having a baby daughter together.


Jessica Parker Kennedy rounds out the new cast as Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora from the future. Kennedy made minor appearances in multiple episodes of the fourth season and finally made her presence known during the fourth season finale after revealing that she made a mistake coming back in time. It looks like the consequences of her trip back are going to be the main focus of the next season of the series.

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