Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 4

I Get Physical

The humbling of Luke Cage begins as Bushmaster publicly lays out Luke in the street not only announcing himself to the people of Harlem, but showing Luke just how vulnerable he is. It’s a good scene and frankly, something Luke needed to experience after his actions in the first three episodes of this season.


As Luke has to deal with this new crack in his armor, everyone else starts to get dinged in their own ways. Misty is still dealing with the fact that she’s been sidelined in her career as the new detective that’s taken her place is making her presence felt in the precinct. Shades is dealing with his role and not knowing where he’s going to end up in a situation where Mariah is going straight and he’s more and more on the outside looking in.


Shades knows something is going on and he also knows that Mariah is lying to him about what she does and does not know. I like how this mystery is getting deeper and more interesting. Luke and Misty find themselves going after Bushmaster after Luke gets some sobering news. This immediately follows what can only be described as more public humiliation for Luke when he sees the impact this beating has on him with the public who used to admire and support him.


Mariah has some great scenes in this episode as well and her desire to go straight is blinding her to the dangers around her, even when people like Shades and Comanche try to warn her about them. Her daughter Tilda, meanwhile, is getting close to Luke in another way. She’s trying to learn more about Luke’s strength and where Bushmaster got his power. It’s going to be interesting to see to what end she’s trying to gain this knowledge. The best scene in the episode is the first meeting between Mariah and Bushmaster. It is filled with tension and he’s able to crack her exterior to the point where we see a little of that fire that Cornell experienced in the first season.

Second best scene of the episode is Misty getting an invitation from Danny and Colleen along with the schematics of something important for her going forward.



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