The Dollhouse Family #2

DC Comics

Written by M.R. Carey

Art by Peter Gross and Vince Locke

Colors by Cris Peter

Letters by Todd Klein

The Rundown: In the wake of her actions, Alice will find the real world pushing her more and more to return to the dollhouse.


After murdering her abusive father, Alice has decides to no longer speak to anyone. As the investigation into the murder heats up, Alice’s mother confesses in a bid to save her daughter and the child is sent to live in a foster home along with her dollhouse.

Enduring constant abuse from one girl in particular, Alice continues to be tempted to return to the world of the dollhouse. When Alice received more tragic news, she retreats tot eh dollhouse for comfort. Unfortunately, her return did not go unnoticed in the real world.

The strange tale of Joe’s time in the cave continues as his return to the world and convalescence in a local hospital will help him find love, marriage and the prospect of being a father. Unfortunately, the birth of his first child will have unintended and dire consequences.

The Story: I am impressed with how this story is laid out and the subtlety in both its plotting and dialogue. M.R. Carey does an amazing job of holding the interest of the reader and building up both the suspense and tension throughout the story. The story takes some predictable turns at time, but even the moments you can see coming are worth seeing play out and satisfying in their execution.

The Art: Gross and Locke deliver some beautiful art in this issue. The characters look amazing and I continue to love and admire the visual differences between the story told in the present and the past. The visuals add a layer of drama to the story and work well with the tone.


The Dollhouse Family #2




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