BMGRAVE_Cv3The Batman’s Grave #3

DC Comics

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Bryan Hitch

Inks by Kevin Nowlan

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: Immersed in a new case, the Dark Knight Detective will uncover the secrets behind a mob lawyers death.


With Gordon understaffed and unsure about the staff he has, he has reached out to Batman to help solve the case of a rich, former lawyer who ended up dead in his own house. Bruce and Alfred go into full research mode as they pick apart the events and the man’s life until Bruce decides to take a look at the crime scene.

After a deadly encounter with a heavily armed and highly skilled adversary, Batman will discover that the mercs presence in the house wasn’t coincidental and that what he was removing from it could lead to the motive, means and possible suspect in the lawyer’s death.

The Story: I continue to be both impressed and satisfied with how simple and straightforward this series is. Warren Ellis has crafted a Batman story that is rich, compelling and complex with wonderful human moments between Bruce and Alfred. I love the dialogue in this issue and the natural cadence these characters have with each other. There is a brilliant ebb and flow to their relationship and Ellis conveys that with the dialogue. I also find myself impressed with the detective work conveyed in the issue. Batman getting into the mind of both the killer and the victim is a subtle, but well done thematic touch.

The Art: Bryan Hitch delivers some awesome visual moments throughout this issue. The fight between Batman and the mercenary is visceral, beautiful and highly detailed. This was a great looking issue and Hitch masterfully conveys emotion and the bond between Bruce and Alfred with subtle facial expressions and sly smiles.

The Batman’s Grave #3




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