Nailbiter Returns #2

Image Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Mike Henderson

Colors by Adam Guzowski

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: Alice discovers the whereabouts of her father and Finch investigates the deaths of two more serial killers.


Finch reveals the fate of the Nailbiter and seeing her father alive is more than a shock for Alice. After hearing his story and the truth from Finch, the pair leave the killer to his underground cell and the drudgery of his daily existence.

At the same time, a couple getting engaged are unaware of the pair of serial killers waiting in the wings to strike. After Finch receives the call to come to the crime scene, he is surprised to find that more Buckaroo killers have been resurrected, that they wound up dead and the couple who killed them conveniently slipping out of police custody. Unfortunately for Alice, Finch will discover too late that the couple has secrets of their own.

The Story: Joshua Williamson continues to craft a well written and engaging thriller with this issue. The plot is layered and the characters compelling. The interactions between the characters are handled beautifully and the dialogue is entertaining. This is a fun, wild and unpredictable thrill ride that engages the reader on a dark journey. I continue to be impressed with this world, its characters and how dense and interesting the plot is.

The Art: Mike Henderson delivers some awesome panels in this issue. The violence is visceral and the characters look amazing. The progression of the story through the panels is great and the art perfectly matches the pace and tone of the story.

Nailbiter Returns #2




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