The Amazing Spider-Man #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by John Romita Jr

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Peter’s fight against Vulture will require some unexpected help from an old enemy.

Spider-Man is falling to his death after a surprise attack from Vulture and has to do something desperate to save himself. After finding a way to escape, he contacts Osborn for help. Unfortunately, Norman tells him that he can’t.

Peter decides the best thing he can do is take the fight to Oscorp and starts to direct Vulture in that direction. A move that will bring Toomes face to face with a brand new Spider-Man and bring Peter a new opportunity.

The Story: The story is fun and has some great action in it. I find myself intrigued by the evolution in Norman Osborn as a character, but the dynamic between he and Peter doesn’t strike me as unique. If I’m being perfectly honest, this just feels like a countdown to the return of the Green Goblin making Peter a bigger idiot for aligning with Norman. Also, Spider-Man being beholden to a large corporation feels too similar to the previous Ben Reilly arc.

The Art: Romita Jr delivers some great, visually brutal action in this issue. The art gives a great sense of scale as Peter and Vulture move throughout the heights of the city.

The Amazing Spider-Man #8



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