736507._SX1280_QL80_TTD_The Amazing Spider-Man #15

Marvel Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Chris Bachalo

Inks by Livesay, Vey, Faucher, Olazaba and Townsend

Colors by Chris Bachalo and Jim Campbell

Letters by Joe Caramagna

This issue is definitely about the ties that bind as family issues become the focus of this story.


Spider-Man is desperate to save Aunt May from the rubble of a collapsed restaurant after a fight with both Taskmaster and Black Ant. The webslinger’s desperation will cost him though as his single-minded focus in rescuing Aunt May allows Rhino to be captured. A prospect that will ultimately cost Spidey soon.

Even fighting off Taskmaster doesn’t break Peter’s focus as he pushes himself to both find and free May and the other patrons of the restaurant.

At the same time, Curt Conners has some family issues to deal with as well. His son Billy is feeling all the angst and anxiety of being a teenager. Add in the fact that he has lizard scales and a tail and everything becomes amplified when Curt’s attempts to protect his family continue to push Billy away. When a mystery person offers Billy the opportunity to get away, he takes it.

Meanwhile, Arcade is working on something special for Kraven.

Everything in this issue is leading to something huge for these characters and it looks like Kraven is right in the center of it. Nick Spencer does a great job of both crafting an entertaining story, but also giving the dialogue and characters emotional weight. You care about what’s happening to May and that Peter doesn’t know. You care that Curt is trying to be there for his son. It’s a testament to the writing that Spencer is taking the reader there while preparing them for something more ominous to come.

Chris Bachalo’s art does an amazing job of keeping the pace and tone of the story Spencer is telling. The art is beautifully detailed and complements the intense and engaging story perfectly.

The Amazing Spider-Man #15




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