STL139741Superman Up In the Sky #6

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Andy Kubert

Inks by Sandra Hope

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Superman will show his friends and the creature who kidnapped Alice what kind of hero he is.


Superman has found the creature who kidnapped Alice and wants her back. At the same time, the villain has sent a seemingly unstoppable army of killer robots to Earth and the heroes of the planet are overwhelmed, but keep on fighting. At the same time, Superman breaks free and fights everything the creature throws at him, determined to rescue young Alice and bring her home safely.

The Man of Steel shows how powerful he is both in his actions, but also in his resolve. A strength that will be what is needed to complete his mission and save his home as well.

The Story: Tom King brings this series to a brilliant, fun and heartfelt conclusion that solidifies what makes Superman such an enduring hero to both the people he protects and those that call him friend. I love the fact that this issue showcases a hero with an enduring need to help everyone that he can and who doesn’t delude himself into thinking that he will always be successful. There are some great story and character moments throughout this issue and this story shows not only Superman’s strength, but the strength of his resolve. This is a well done, expertly written love letter to the character and I would love to see King tackle this kind of story again.

The Art: Andy Kubert’s art is amazing throughout this issue. From large, beautifully detailed action scenes to quiet, character based moments between Superman and Alice, Kubert infuses the art with style, energy and heart. There are some beautiful visuals in this issue.

Superman Up In The Sky #6




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