STL139508DIE #10

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Another piece of the puzzle falls into place as Ash makes her next move to control the world of DIE.

In order to enact Izzy’s plan, Ash will need to keep the military from intervening. Utilizing her old lover to get her into the palace of a powerful leader, we learn the complicated history Ash and the vampire Zamorna share. We even find out the part Izzy plays in this triangle and why she and Ash have such a strained relationship.


After putting her plan in motion, Ash runs into opposition with its next step. After showing her power to everyone, Ash makes a move to take control of the world itself. At the same time, Chuck organizes a prison break and the rest of the party will find themselves on the wrong side of Ash’s ambition.

The Story: Gillen goes straight for the jugular in this issue and I am here for it. The plot is paced perfectly and the story is getting deliciously complicated as all of the characters plot and scheme together and around each other. I love the fact that this issue focused so hard on Ash and her complicated history in the game as well as his life outside of it. I wanted to see more of the real world existence, but Gillen balances this issue really well with the characters drawing in the reader and the tension rising with each page turn.

The Art: Stephanie Hans beautiful art perfectly complements the tone of this story and there are some magnificent visual moments throughout. Hans’ style brings in the energy and dark tone of the story with the beauty and grace of the character. I love every scene Ash is in because Hans makes her look equally radiant and dangerous.

Die #10




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