Strange Adventures #5

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Alanna Strange has discovered through hardship what she must do to protect Rann.

Adam’s negotiations with another faction on Rann does not go as expected and both he and his wife and forced to wait for their request to be answered. Unfortunately, the waiting will take place in a dark hole in the darkness away from food, water and light. As the pair fight to survive, Alanna comes to a realization about her new potential allies.


In the present, the threat of invasion causes the government to bring in Alanna and Adam to consult on what the government can do to help. Sensing an opportunity, Alanna gives her husband some bitter truths about the people he calls friends while she plans and waits.

The Story: Tom King is delivering a brilliantly layered story with this series and with this issue especially. Every page reveals something interesting about these characters and this issue focuses on Alanna intensely as we learn more about her and her motivations. It is really interesting to see how her character has evolved and how much presence she has in this issue and the story. What makes the story work as well is that for every revelation made about her, more mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. This is an intriguing and engaging issue that continues to peak my interest about what Tom King has planned next.

The Art: Shaner and Gerads continue to offer some amazing visuals throughout this issue. Shaner’s work on Adam’s adventures on Rann are great to look at and have a classic style and feel to them. Almost like they are trying to be idealized versions of events. Gerads has a dark, gritty quality to his pages and they perfectly reflect the reality of the story and its characters.

Strange Adventures #5




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