Hellblazer Rise and Fall #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Darick Robertson

Colors by Diego Rodriguez

The Rundown:  A ghost from Constantine’s past will send him on a dark journey.


John’s early life culminates in an event that will forever change him as his pursuit of magic brings tragedy to someone close to him. Years later, a friend of John’s from those days is a police officer and she and her partner are about to find themselves embroiled in a case involving a man with wings impaled on top of a church.

When John makes his presence known and becomes part of the investigation, he and his old friend will discover that the dead man isn’t an isolated incident and a journey to John’s home will uncover a powerfully dark presence who wants something only John Constantine can bring to him.

The Story: Tom Taylor pens a story that will challenge Constantine and make him face the demons of his past, literal and figurative. The plot and pacing of the issue are great and the story opens up the world of the character and gives the reader more insight into his motivations and point of view. The dialogue is great and flows with a realness that makes you understand why the character is as charming as he is. The story unfolds brilliantly and leads to an ending that was both unexpected and beautifully executed. Taylor goes for the big stakes right away and that’s refreshing.

The Art: Darick Robertson does amazing work with the visuals in this issue. The art is gritty and highly detailed. There is an energy to it as well as a great use of shadow and close up to give the characters emotion and presence on the page.

Hellblazer Rise and Fall #1




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