Stillwater #9

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Ramon K Perez

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Rus Wooton

The Rundown: Daniel discovers another dark aspect of immortality and Tanya gets replaced.

In the aftermath of the attack on the courthouse and the subsequent suspension of civil liberty in the town, Daniel finds himself in the presence of an unlikely group of freedom fighters. As the “children” of the town implore him for help so that they can escape and grow up, he sees more of the negative effects of being immortal through their eyes.

At the same time, Tanya returns to the town to find out that she has been replaced as Sheriff and when the woman she came with is given permission to stay, Tanya is taken away from the judge by Ted. When Ted decides to disobey orders, he takes Tanya out to the edge of the town to get revenge, but Daniel arrives and a battle ensues that will bring out some unlikely and unexpected allies.

The Story: Chip Zdarsky continues to craft a world that is fascinating and compelling to the reader. The action and intrigue are great, but the bigger implications of the town’s secret continue to be great drama for the reader to connect with. Daniel’s journey is interesting, but Galen and the kids have a tragic nature to their story that is impossible to ignore and makes the reader ask bigger questions about the nature of immortality itself. A great read all around with a great twist ending.

The Art: Ramon K Perez delivers some beautiful and evocative art throughout this issue. All of the visuals have a great connection to the mood of the story and I was impressed with the imagery and the action.

Stillwater #9



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