Star Wars the High Republic #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Cavan Scott

Art by Georges Jeanty

Inks by Karl Story

Colors by Annalisa Leoni

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Keeve Trennis must deal with her connection to the Drengir as well as the continued threat of the Nihil.

After discovering the location of the Drengir root mind, Keeve finds herself struggling to deal with her connection to the creatures. Trying to meditate and clear her mind, she finds herself seeing visions of those lost to the creatures as well as fighting against a Sith lord. With the threat continuing to grow, Avar Kriss calls for all available Jedi to prepare to fight, but Keeve opts to take on another mission.

A group of Nihil are threating an agricultural factory and have breached it looking for something specific. When Keeve arrives to help, she finds herself overwhelmed by her emotions and gets a last minute save from Orla Jareni. After dispatching the Nihil, Keeve realizes that her fellow Jedi might be facing a bigger danger than they imagined.

The Story: Scott crafts a great story filled with action and adventure. Trennis is a good character and what she’s dealing with in this issue offers some great drama for the reader and an engaging story. The action is great and the looming threat continues to be compelling and entertaining.

The Art: Jeanty does a great job with the visuals in this issue. There are so many great details throughout the pages and the art is immersive on every page.

Star Wars the High Republic #7



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