Shang-Chi #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Gene Luen Yang

Art by Dike Ruan

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Shang-Chi discovers another half sibling with immense power and races to find her.

A small boat is carrying a group of tourists on a tour of the area when one of them inadvertently summons an ancient creature. Only the power of the local witch of the woods is able to stop the creature, but her act of kindness exposes her existence. Shang-Chi will discover that he has another half sister and race off with the others to find her after discovering why she is in hiding.

After locating her, they find themselves squaring off against Wolverine who has tracked her as well in order to offer her a place on Krakoa. With his brother and sister poised to fight, Shang must find a way to reason with everyone involved while trying to convince his sister that things in the family have changed. Unfortunately, a mysterious figure has other plans for the family.

The Story: Gene Luen Yang does a great job of bringing in other characters from the marvel universe without taking away from Shang’s story. His conflict with his siblings continues to be both entertaining and engaging in the context of everything the character is trying to do. It’s interesting seeing him live out this new purpose and the problems that come with it. I also like seeing the resistance his siblings put up and how that tension continues to grow.

The Art: Dike Ruan delivers some beautiful visuals. There is a fluidity to the movement in the panels and an energy that gives the action a thrilling feel.

Shang-Chi #3



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