Wolverine #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Benjamin Percy

Art by Adam Kubert

Colors by Frank Martin

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Wolverine investigates what happened to the Marauder and learns that a bigger conspiracy is at play.

Logan heads to Madripoor to investigate what happened to the Marauder during the Hellfire Gala. After determining that something strange was behind the theft, he goes looking for someone with answers. After trying to get them his way, he is interrupted by Emma Frost who has her own methods of extracting information. As his investigation continues, Wolverine finds himself in the recovery room of someone who was there.

After hearing the man’s story, Logan finds himself en-route to a place with a worse reputation than Madripoor and a culture of ultra violence. After finding the man he’s looking for, Wolverine learns that a familiar face is the one manipulating events to his advantage.

The Story: I love a story that showcases Logan’s investigative skills and Percy does a great job of this by bringing him to Madripoor. The story brings the reader into Wolverine’s element and is filled with great action, adventure and dark humor. I love the rough, gritty nature of this plot and continue to be impressed with the world that is being built for these characters. I enjoyed the mystery in this issue and cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

The Art: Adam Kubert delivers some great imagery throughout this issue. There are so many great visual moments that are punctuated by awesome style and energy.

Wolverine #14



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