Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 1, Episode 1


Official Description – The clones of The Bad Batch find themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars.

The series begins with The Clone Wars logo burning away to reveal the emblem for The Bad Batch. This symbolic gesture sets the tone for a series that takes previously established characters and pushes them into a new chapter in the history of the Star Wars universe.

The opening act of this episode starts right before Order 66 is initiated. And similar to its predecessor show, the Narrator reviews the happenings of the Galaxy until this point. Then, we see a Jedi and Padawan lead Clone forces against the Separatist army. When things begin to go south for the Republic forces, Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch) arrives on the scene to assist.

Shortly after the battle, Order 66 is initiated, and chaos ensues. The Bad Batch tries to help the Padawan, but are unsuccessful. At this point, I was screaming at my TV. For one, I realized just how interconnected this series would be with the Star Wars universe. And two, I was recovering from the horror of reliving Order 66.

Afterwards, The Bad Batch returns to Kamino where they meet Omega, the young assistant to Nala Se. After joining them at lunch, her similar flare for mischief results in an altercation that gains the attention of Admiral Tarkin. It is here that we are reminded that this is a cartoon series geared toward both youthful and mature audiences.

Tarkin then administers a deadly test to The Bad Batch. As a reward, he sends them on an assignment that may increase their visibility within the new empire. But, the team soon makes several unexpected discoveries. After which, they decide to return to Kamino to rescue a friend.

They are able to free their comrade from captivity, but soon suffer a bitter betrayal. An unexpected ally then rushes to their aide. Unsure of their next move, they decide to seek out assistance from an unnamed source.

This action packed episode is filled with familiar faces and new perspectives. As a warning to my fellow Star Wars aficionados, there is a slight canon retcon that may or may not thrill some viewers. However, in my humble opinion, Dave Filoni IS canon. I have spoken.

The animation looks great. And this episode features a recreation of a scene from Revenge of the Sith that is phenomenal. I also really like how this show presents a different view of the rise of the Galactic Empire. One that is grounded in its effects on the establishment. I’m all in for this series and can’t wait to delve further into this new segment of the franchise.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S01XE01



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