X-Corp #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Tini Howard

Art by Alberto Foche

Colors by Sunny Gho

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: X-Corporation prepares for a public rollout, but there are impediments that threaten everything Krakoa is building.

Angel and Penance prepare to expand X-Corporation and that includes endless meetings, corporate wrangling and public relations. The two executive officers also have separate missions that they need to begin after meeting with Xavier regarding the direction the company is taking. Monet begins her recruiting mission to staff the executive board of the company and that starts with meeting with Trinary and Multiple Man to convince them to join up.

At the same time, Warren heads to Brazil to meet with a man who has a stake in Krakoan pharmaceuticals. Someone who chose the location for a very specific reason and has his own plans for his competition. With cyber attacks on the company increasing and Warren being threatened, the business of X-Corporation will learn a hard lesson about the cutthroat world of industrial espionage.

The Story: Howard tells an interesting story in this first issue. The corporate world isn’t the easiest thing to make compelling and there are some aspects of this story that are a little boring, but the overall premise is intriguing as its characters deal with a new kind of battlefield. The character interactions are where the story shines and their struggles to deal with the corporate world while championing mutant interests offers some god drama to explore.

The Art: Foche’s classic art style works really well for this story. There is an element of polish to the art that reflects the kind of world these characters are operating in.

X-Corp #1



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