Star Wars #51

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by GURU-Efx

Letters by Clayton Cowles

Queen Trios has betrayed the rebellion, crippled the fleet and is looking to escape from the rebel base as the Imperial Fleet continues to hammer the defenseless rebels. With Leia and a group of rebels troops on her tail, it might be harder than she thinks. Vader is continuing his assault to not only decimate the fleet itself, but to extinguish the hope of anyone foolish enough to stand against the Emperor. Luke Skywalker finds himself grounded as none of the bays will open and no pilots can take off.

Things are starting to look pretty grim, but Leia and the rebels have a risky plan to try and get the fighters in the air. A plan that requires a small, maneuverable ship to do some dangerous flying close to the fleet itself. Han, Chewie, Threepio and the Millennium Falcon come upon the scene of the battle and it’s up to the smuggler to reluctantly put his life and ship on the line to help out the struggling rebel fleet. Unfortunately, Darth Vader remembers the humiliation he endured because of that ship and he is not in a forgiving mood.

Gillen has really nailed the narrative in this issue and arc. It would be easy to turn over the storytelling to the visuals because of how much of it takes place in battle, but Gillen manages to find a way to elevate the story elements to the same level as the visuals and both work hand in hand to deliver a great issue and a tense story.

Larocca’s art in this issue is beautiful and both the battle scenes and character moments blend seamlessly. I love the battle scenes in this issue and how Larroca frames the panels on the page to move effortlessly with the story. There are moments of rising tension and intensity in many of the panels and the art conveys so much with the use of close ups on many of the characters. Great looking book with an awesome cliffhanger ending.


Star Wars #51




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