Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #307

Marvel Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Adam Kubert and Juan Frigeri

Colors by Jason Keith and Andrew Crossley

Letters by Travis Lanham

Peter is fighting for the fate of the world on board the Vedomi ship and needs to get to the core before the aliens finish collecting the planet’s AI. His attempts continue to be hampered by the Tinkerer. Peter’s sister Teresa is dealing with the ominous last words she got from him and is determined to find a way to help him. Black Panther has to step in to keep her grounded.

On the Vedomi ship, Tinkerer continues to try and distract Peter from doing what he needs to do and it takes the intervention of Ironheart to break the stalemate. It’s a fight for the planet, but also a fight for understanding as Peter decides to use his newfound powers to take a different approach to stopping Tinkerer.

Chip Zdrasky has written a great conclusion to this storyline. One that showcases the sacrifices that Peter is willing to make to protect people. It also gives more insight into Teresa as a character and adds a bittersweet element to their brother/sister relationship. It’s going to be interesting to see where her story goes from here and what repercussions her presence has in Spider-Man’s life. The story has a lot of heart and I enjoyed the fact that Peter was able to think beyond punching a problem and use different tactics to solve it.

Kubert and Firgeri’s art is great. There were so many great panels with rich details and awesome contrasts in light and shadow. All of the character moments looked great and the use of close up gave additional dramatic tension to some moments that needed to convey that. This was a satisfactory conclusion that I hope will continue to use this momentum to move forward with the characters and Peter’s growing circle of friends.

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #307




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