Thor #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo

Colors by Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso

Letters by Joe Sabino

The forces of Sindr continue to grow. The armies loyal to the crown of Hel are falling and Hela has escaped captivity along with Fenris Wolf. The sons of Odin are facing danger from all sides and they just might have to face the most dangerous thing any of them could think of, a wedding. More specifically, Loki has arranged for his daughter Hela to marry his half-brother Balder. A prospect that no one is looking forward to, but one that might be exactly what they all need to unite the forces of Hel to take down Sindr and her goblin army.

Like presumably all weddings in Hel or Asgard, this one began with and might end with a fight. All of the forces fighting against each other, including the Odinsons, is what prompts Loki to make a proposal that everyone hates, but agrees to, including Balder’s love Karnilla. She ends up having a pretty interesting heart to heart with Skurge of all people about duty and honor and all that before the wedding resumes. Unfortunately, the hits keep on coming as Thor asks Loki to do the unthinkable in order to find new allies and an uninvited guest arrives to let everyone know his objections.

This story just keeps getting better and more involved as Jason Aaron has deftly captured these characters and their motivations in a way that make you appreciate them more when they appear. No one is one dimensional in this narrative and he does a great job of mixing in humor with the story itself. There is a moment in the beginning of the issue where Thor talks about his life with his family and it is hilarious to read. There were moments that dragged a little and some exposition that lasted a little too long, but it’s understandable in the context of the types of characters these are.

Mike Del Mundo is creating art with every panel. His visual style is so unique that I found myself going over some of the same panels over and over trying to take everything in. So many of the moments in the issue would lend themselves to great art prints that I found myself looking closely at many of them to ascertain what lines are forms Del Mundo incorporates into the panel.

Thor #3




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