Star Trek Picard

Season 2 Episode 1

The Star Gazer

Starfleet must once again call on legendary Jean-Luc Picard after members of his former crew – Cristóbal Rios, Seven of Nine, Raffi Musiker, and Dr. Agnes Jurati – discover an anomaly in space that threatens the galaxy.

The second season of Picard starts with terror and tension as the ship Picard finds himself on is being attacked by an unknown entity and Picard is forced to make a terrible decision. After a dramatic second season theme song change, we’re taken back to the Picard vineyards where the retired admiral is enjoying life, but still feels something is missing.

As a Star Trek fan, there has always been something interesting in the fact that Picard never really let himself get too close to someone. He had romances and relationships on the series, but he never really seemed to connect with anyone too long and it looks like this season will explore that as Picard navigates his feelings for Laris (Orla Brady) and why he refuses to act on them. There are some great personal moments in the episode that deal with Picard’s relationship with his mother and that adds more to the mystery of the man.

When an anomaly in space brings the rest of the supporting characters back together, they discover that the message being sent is specifically for Picard, prompting him and the rest of the fleet to go to the area where they discover a giant Borg ship claiming to want peace with the Federation. The obvious ruse results in an unknown event that brings Picard back to Earth where everything is changed and he finds himself facing his nemesis Q.

John De Lancie is back as Q and is darker in his mannerisms and behavior than in previous appearances. His appearance actually is scarier than he has been previously and that makes the episode exciting. The return of Whoopi Goldberg’s Guinan is done well in the episode and serves as a great bridge between Picard’s personal struggles and unresolved issues.

The first episode of season two delivers on action, thrills and adventure. It elevates the character in interesting ways and creates some entertaining personal mysteries that I want to see explored.

Star Trek Picard S02XE01



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