Star Trek Picard

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Season One Episode 6

The Impossible Box


Picard will face his past as Locutus when he tracks Soji to the Borg artifact.

Picard is still not over his experience with the Borg and that trauma continues to trigger him. Doctor Jurati is unable to deal with her hand in the death of Bruce Maddox so she looks for comfort in the arms of Rios. Musiker is continuing her journey of drinking herself to death and the Soji story line finally starts to get interesting.

The Impossible Box

Picard has been granted limited diplomatic credentials to visit the Borg cube, but is still having Locutus flashbacks, which is interesting and begs the question of whether he can ever truly be severed from the collective. It made me wonder if proximity to any Borg technology is triggering for him. There is an awesome sequence that showcases this intercut with scenes from Star Trek First Contact that is the perfect way to usher in the reunion between Picard and Hugh.


Soji is finally starting to question her life and unfortunately her investigation into her past will give Narek everything he needs to push her into revealing more. Narek is becoming more interesting because his motives are the only ones that have a genuine mystery to them. I don’t know if he really wants to kill her and all the other synths, does he genuinely care about her or is she a mystery to solve for him.


The episode moves at a great pace and both stories develop well with a strong, action packed and interesting ending. It’s a great conclusion that showcases why this series works as an anthology.

Star Trek Picard S01XE06




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