Star #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Ripley Ryan will get an unexpected and usual chance at personal redemption from an unlikely source.


Star has been brought to the unknown depths of a hidden location by Scarlet Witch. Wanda needs Star’s help, but she also wants to show the young woman what chaos she is causing by not knowing how to properly wield the infinity stone connected to her. Reluctant to listen, Ripley follows and the pair are attacked by the creatures protecting a dangerous and unknown creature.

At the same time, a group gathers to discuss the woman named Star and the infinity stone she carries. This group is intimately familiar with the item and their varying viewpoints are brought into clarity when their leader arrives with a plan for the stone and Star.

The Story: Kelly Thompson finally has the title character face the fact that there are consequences to her actions in this issue and teaming her with Wanda was the perfect choice. Both characters have flawed psychologies and one of the best moments in the issue is when Ripley challenges Wanda and the Scarlet Witch’s response. It’s a testament to the great dialogue that this moment is so effective in establishing the relationship between these two characters as well as answering the question of why Wanda is involved in the first place. The B story is handled brilliantly as well and I don’t want to spoil it because it is such a well done and awesome reveal at the end that I want people to experience.

The Art: Pina and Andrade deliver some beautiful art in this issue. I like the contrast in styles and how that plays out in both the A and B stories. There’s some great action throughout and the characters look amazing.

Star #2




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