Something is Killing the Children #3

Boom! Studios

Written by James Tynion IV

Art by Werther Dell’edera

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Erica is in custody, but the slaughter of the children continues.

The creature killing the children is getting bigger and bolder, leaving bodies and destruction in it wake.


Erica has been taken into custody as the police chief grills her about why he’s in her town and what she knows about the dead kids. She reminds him of how they met and tells him to anticipate a phone call that will set her free. He decides to have her followed as grieving family members meet to discuss Erica’s presence and how she might be connected to the death of their loved ones.

After she’s released, she meets up with James and the pair continue their hunt for the creature, but Erica is going to discover that this threat is more dangerous than she originally believed.

The Story: Things are getting tense in the town and James Tynion IV does an amazing job of ramping up that tension both in Erica’s interrogation and in the bar where the brother of one of the victims wants answers. Both the tone and the dialogue of this issue tell readers that something big is about to happen and this is the relative calm before the storm. There is a lot going on in this story and Tynion IV keeps the story interesting and engaging.

The Art: Dell’edera brings the reader into the world of this story with impressive and stunning visuals. The creature is menacing and the art pulls no punches with the violence and tone.


Something is killing the children #3




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