Strikeforce #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Tini Howard

Art by German Peralta and Marco Rudy

Colors by Guru-eFX

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Angela remembers a story from her youth about Count Ophidian and the rest of the Strikeforce hunts the Vridai back to their base.


Blade and Angela head tot he apartment Hulkling and Wiccan share to rescue the hero from the double impersonating Wiccan. Having to keep the mission secret, Blade employs an old school solution to keep Hulkling out of the way until he can stop the Vridai.

When the team regroups to find and rescue Wiccan, they discover something interesting about Count Ophidian as well as the reason why Doctor Doom is sleeping.

The Story: Tini Howard takes readers on another wild ride with this unlikely and thoroughly enjoyable band of “heroes”. The story continues to be a fun and engaging call back to the events of War of the Realms and it is fun to see Blade lead this team of characters into some dangerous and well plotted stakes. The dialogue between the characters is incredibly well done and it impressed me with its charm, wit and humor. I really enjoy that, even though the stakes are serious, the characters don’t get so bogged down in them that they aren’t allowed some levity. Banter aside, this is an impressive and fun issue and continues to keep me interested in the series and where it goes next.

The Art: German Peralta has some beautiful and detailed visuals in this issue. The character moments are filled with beautiful, expressive faces and the action is fantastic. Both the scene in Hulklings apartment and the final battle in the ruins are rendered beautifully and match the tone of this story.

Strikeforce #3




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