838746._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Sleeping Beauties #1

IDW Publishing

Written by Stephen King, Owen King and Rio Youers

Art by Alison Sampson

Colors by Triona Tree Farrell

Letters by Christa Meisner

The Rundown: A mysterious illness is sweeping the planet and only affecting women who fall asleep and a mystery woman makes her presence felt in a big way in a small town.


A mysterious woman seems to emerge from nowhere and immediately makes her way to a local meth lab where she violently murders the men inside leaving the lone woman there to witness the carnage. At the same time, a family begins their day among news of a global pandemic affecting sleeping women. The destruction of the meth lab will prevent the mother and police officer from getting rest as she heads to the scene and is confronted by the mystery woman herself.

The officer’s husband, a doctor in the local women’s prison finds himself dealing with the impact of the illness firsthand when one of the inmates falls asleep and is discovered with a strange web like substance covering her.

The Story: There is a lot of atmosphere in this first issue and the story wants to take the time to establish the characters and the mystery, which is fine. The problem with all the atmosphere is that you don’t really get a sense of who the characters are or a sense of the tone of the story. Everything seems to just happen and the explanations are saved for background exposition. The story is interesting so far, but I’ve yet to be engaged with any of the characters other than the mystery woman and that engagement comes from the fact that she is a mystery. The pace is good, but the next issue needs to hit the reader with something worth bringing us back for.

The Art: The art is great and matches the tone of the story well. It will be interesting to see how it evolves along with the story.

Sleeping Beauties #1




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