Shuri #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Nnedi Okorafor

Art by Leonardo Romero

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Joe Sabino

Shuri is asked by the council if she will retake the mantle of Black Panther while T’Challa is lost in space. When she thinks about what happened the last time she wore that title and what she lost, she refuses and decides to double her efforts to bring her brother home. Her decision has an immediate effect on her mother, who is not happy. Shuri finds that the women in T’Challa’s life want him back as much as she does. A sentiment that comes into focus when she returns to her home to find Ororo waiting for her with an idea.

Storm knows that Black Panther is missing and in order to find her love, she enlists Shuri to speak to a scientist in the Mute Zone, Chief Ikoko. Knowing the Ikoko is an ex-girlfriend of T’Challa does not sway her as the three women come up with a plan to try to find the ship and contact the occupants on another plane of existence. It’s a dangerous plan that will separate Shuri from her physical body and leave her spirit traveling the cosmos. When another spirit hitches a ride and Shuri gets lost, she awakens in a strange place and in a very familiar body.

The second issue of Shuri is a fun departure that takes some really interesting and unexpected twists. Nothing in the story was predictable and that’s what made the reveal at the end so entertaining. Okorafor writes Shuri with a fierce independence that is refreshing to read. I enjoy both her attitude and her capability in this story. It’s going to be interesting to see what the ramifications are for her to reject the Panther role as well as put herself in more danger traveling the spiritual plane.

The art in the issue is good. I enjoyed many of the panels, especially the ones that showcase the detailed backgrounds.

Shuri #2




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