LowRoadWest_003_PRESS_1Low Road West #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Art by Flaviano

Colors by Miquel Muerto

Letters by Jim Campbell

Multiple standoffs and a series of revelations make up the third issue of this 5 part series.

Amir continues to pour over the journal he discovered and finds out that the mysteries of the house extend to the area beyond and another world entirely. His journey through the words of the mysterious Abraham will reveal more secrets about the hidden world around them as well as how that world is impacting theirs. As he reads even further, the book not only reveals secrets for Amir to unearth, but also begins to reveal things about Amir himself.


While Amir is discovering the secrets of Abraham’s journal, Emma searches that mystery world known as Copper Sky for her missing brother. After encountering a group of giant aliens, Emma discovers that they have the ability to communicate with her. They convince her to follow them and she travels to their home where she discovers Ben has gone through a radical transformation.

On the outskirts of town, Shawn and the others are in a standoff with the deserters who are after Amir. After a revelation about Amir’s family and how it’s connected to the invasion, Shawn needs to determine whether or not he should betray him. When the standoff gets too intense, an attack from a pack of mutant dogs opens the door for an escape as well as a change.

Low Road West is a good series and this issue opens some new and interesting avenues for the story as well as the characters. Johnson does a great job of moving the story seamlessly between the different character arcs. Even the revelations in the issue are handled well and the tone of the issue makes the reader more interested in the story of these characters. The art is really good and all of the actions beats look amazing.

Low road west #3




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