sideways-10-coverSideways #10

DC Comics

Written by Dan DiDio

Art by Kenneth Rocafort

Colors by Daniel Brown

Letters by Dave Sharpe

Life is about to change in some strange and interesting ways for Derek James.

This isn’t going to be a happy story for Sideways as he finally comes home after his adventure with the Seven Soldiers. The tragedy of the real world continues for him as he finds that his father is questioning whether he wants to be a father. A revelation that hits the grieving teenager right in the gut. It’s a pretty harsh scene and explains the strain between these two characters. As their family drama continues to play out, Dominus continues to spy on the James family. When she gets the results of his dark matter readings back, she decides to send someone special to retrieve the young man.


When Derek decides to meet up with Ernie, he takes her somewhere special in order for the two of them to talk about where Derek has been and what is going on in Ernie’s life. As the two talk, they begin to grow closer. That moment is interrupted when an explosion rocks the city and Derek decides to be the hero he’s been trying to become and slide into action.

Sideways is finally starting to address some of the dangling plot lines that have been growing since the first issue. The nature of Derek and Ernie’s relationship is developing nicely and the family drama with Derek’s father seems to be creating an interesting situation for Derek and his sense of safety and purpose. There is a lot of drama in this issue and the intrigue continues to be interesting and frustrating in its lack of clarity and movement after ten issues. I like that Dominus is the villain behind the scenes, but what does she want?

It’s great having Rocafort back on the art in this issue. His style perfectly complements the tone of this story as well as the characters. The action scenes are well done and there are some great details in the backgrounds that enhance the drama in the scene.

Sideways #10




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