Night of the Ghoul #5

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Franco Francavilla

Colors by Franco Francavilla

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Forest must find his son and escape before the ghoul emerges and destroys them all.

After receiving the final piece of the film, Forest realizes that his son Orson is in danger and rushes out to help him. Unfortunately, the other residents are going to be an issue as he finds himself being attacked by homicidal seniors. As he finds himself surrounded, he gets an unexpected rescue from a new face. A new face that might know where his son is being held. After giving his new ally some orders, he heads to the subbasement hoping to save his son before the ghoul emerges.

The film reveals the soldiers attempting to remove the ghoul from their friend as Forest finds his son among a scene of horror. As Forest and Orson attempt to escape from the order and the ghoul, they get another unexpected rescue, but Forest is forced to split up with his family and a dying Merrit tells Forest that he needs to learn the whole truth about his film and their fight.

The Story: Snyder ramps up the tension and terror in this issue and every moment is delightful. The danger in every moment of the story is crafted perfectly to connect with the reader and engage. The dialogue is fantastic and raises the stakes of the story in great ways. I continue to be impressed with the way both stories progress complementary to each other. I love how I don’t know where the story is going next, but am completely on board for the ride.

The Art: Francavilla delivers some beautifully detailed art on every page of this issue. The action is tense and dark and the moment Forest enters the layer of the ghoul is brilliantly designed and scary.

Night of the Ghoul #5



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