Newburn #8

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Jacob Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

Letters by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: Newburn will have to do something desperate to stop a mob war and save his partner.

Emily has been arrested thanks to information from a former friend. Information that ensures that neither Emily nor Newburn last the night. As Newburn races to the station, he calls in a colleague to get him access to Emily and the man who turned her in.

After getting the whole story, Newburn formulates a plan to save Emily and himself while also appeasing two families. A plan that will require finding one killer and closing two murders.

The Story: Zdarsky crafts a taut and intense thriller in this issue. The story takes some brilliant twists throughout and I loved seeing how dark a character Newburn can actually be when the stakes are raised. There is a great moment near the end of the issue that solidifies how close to the edge the character is going and I cannot wait to see what that means for him going forward.

The Art: Phillips delivers some great art throughout the story. I continue to love the gritty, film noir style of the art and how it utilizes shadow to ramp up tension.

Newburn #8



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