Home Sick Pilots #15

Image Comics

Written by Dan Watters

Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Colors by Caspar Wijngaard

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: The Home Sick Pilots have a plan to stop the James House, but it will require the ultimate sacrifice.

It’s been months since the final epic battle with Meg and the Nuclear Bastard and no one has been able to breach the James House. As it sits on its perch, Ami, Buzz and Rip get used to being within it, but they have a plan to finally escape. A plan that will require Meg.

After finding her in the tunnels beneath the house, Ami and the others tell Meg their plan for escape. A plan that will get some unexpected help from the other ghosts within the house including the most powerful one among them, Juliette. A plan that will change everything while also revealing the truth to Meg and requiring the ultimate sacrifice from them all.

The Story: Watters brings this story to a brilliant conclusion with a story filled with heart and determination. I love the growth in the characters and how they finally learn to come together and overcome their issues to do something bigger than themselves. I love all the surprises within the story and how the world of the story is changed by the events within it.

The Art: Wijngaard delivers some beautifully detailed and powerful imagery throughout the issue. The characters, action and panels are all visually stunning.

Home Sick Pilots #15



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