31180Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Harold Buchholz, Joel Hodgson, Matt McGinnis, Seth Robinson, Sharyl Volpe and Mary Robinson

Art by Todd Nauck, Mike Manley, Jack Pollock and Mimi Simon

Colors by Wes Dzioba, Mike Manley, Jack Pollock and Mimi Simon

Letters by Michael Heisler

Kinga’s plans are coming to fruition as she continues to pump more comics into the machine. This time Jonah is teamed with Black Cat again on a mission that will have the hero and her plucky sidekick taking on a troublesome racial stereotype and everything that comes with it.


Crow is back as the narrator of another scary story of suspense as a wife suspects her husband has a wandering eye. Using her skills as a sculptor, she finds new and innovative ways to dispose of her husbands indiscretions before she decides to turn her attention to the man himself.

Tom is missing from his comic and Kinga decides to make the most of his absence with a new kind og product placement that doesn’t go as expected.

This series continues to be incredibly fun and innovative in both how it presents the story and how the writers choose to riff on both the stories and classic comic book tropes. The writers take a pitch perfect stance on some of the more cringe-worthy elements of the Black Cat comic, but I think they played it a little too safe with the subject matter. They still manage to have fun with the problematic portions of the comic while riffing on the overall tone and story.

The Crow sections continue to be some of the best in both the riffing on the subject and making it engaging. Taking on classic horror and suspense comics, Tom manages to capture the spirit of the show when the bots take on classic horror stories.

The writers manage to take the lack of Tom in the issue and run with it in a clever way with the product placement and it is effective in context of this story.

The classic art is great, but the incorporation of Jonah and the bots into those styles is amazing. The host segment art is beautifully detailed and vibrant with color and detail.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 the Comic #4




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