female-furies-1-preview-coverFemale Furies #1

DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Adriana Melo

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Carlos M Mangual

There are several reasons why Granny Goodness drives her Female Furies to be the best. The most elite warriors on Apokalips are trained to be ruthless and uncompromising because Granny Goodness has something to prove. Something she’s been trying to prove to both Darkseid and the men he surrounds himself with since the uprising that brought them to power.


In their shared past, Granny was at Darkseid’s side as he fought to take the planet and at the moment when she was poised to kill Heggra, Desaad assists and takes credit for the kill when Darkseid arrives.

In what becomes a familiar pattern for Granny, the men in Darkseid’s inner circle plot and scheme without her and use their petty tactics to keep her from gaining true power. Darkseid sets the tone for them and when he uses his power to coerce her into an act she initially refuses, the power she has been fighting for becomes more elusive.

Not to be outdone by everyone against her, Granny trains her Furies to be ruthless and without mercy. She makes them into the most formidable fighting force on the planet and they will help her get both the respect and revenge that she seeks.

Never thought that I would feel anything akin to empathy for a character like Granny Goodness, but Cecil Castellucci showcases the villains complicated history with Darkseid and there are moments in the narrative that put the reader firmly on her side. At multiple points, the writer showcases the tilted power dynamic between Granny and the men she fights with. It effectively parallels the issues women face in all manner of professional life including an uncomfortable moment of sexual assault  between Darkseid and Granny in their shared past. It’s an unflinching, uncompromising moment.

The rest of the issue shows the problems and barriers the most elite fighting force on Apokalips faces as Granny trains them harder than anyone. What makes the writing more interesting is how it parallels issues women face in all industries and puts it in a context that isn’t sugar coated. There was one moment that strained all credibility when Darkseid and his inner circle decide to inspect the Furies, but the message of the moment was received.

Adriana Melo’s art is as raw and unflinching as the story. It’s beautifully detailed with a brilliant change in style between Granny’s past and her present. The art in the past has a classic look and feel that is reminiscent of Kirby.

Female Furies #1




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