Multiple Man #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Andy MacDonald

Colors by Tamar Bonvillain

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Jamie Madrox from the past has traveled to the future to confront the evil emperor Jamie Madrox from the future with a team of alternate version superpowered Jamie Madrox’s from alternate futures. All of those alters are dead and now so is Jamie as evil emperor Jamie has beheaded past Jamie. Now things start to get confusing.

Evil Emperor Jamie doesn’t like the fact that he killed past Jamie and decides to go back in time to fix what he did. Except he goes back and starts everything that has been happening throughout this entire series. As we are treated to a series of scenes that are oddly familiar (they are from previous issues), another Jamie Madrox has appeared at the home of Tony Stark, the Sorcerer Supreme in order to learn magic. Another Madrox has inadvertently drank some gamma irradiated water. Another Madrox has landed in a sentinel infested future. I could go on, but it only gets more ridiculous from this point.

Needless to say, we get a series of moments we’ve already lived through from the point of view of other Madrox’s. We find out where Jamie’s weird group of Madvengers (Avendrox?) comes from as another dupe decides to go after the Emperor.

I continue to be mad at myself for enjoying something so ridiculous, but Rosenberg has made this entire series so fun and funny that the craziness only enhances the narrative. I hate that I love this silly story so much, but I do. There are so many fun, confusing and unrelentingly crazy things to enjoy.

MacDonald pushes the art in this issue and it works. Creating landscapes and scenes filled with insane action, the art keeps up brilliantly with the insane narrative. I found myself immersed in the art as well as the story and I can’t wait to see where it’s going.

Multiple Man #4




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