Star Wars #54

Marvel Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Salvador Larroca

Colors by Guru-eFX

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The entire Hope Dies storyline has had me hearing every iconic John Williams theme from the films as I read each issue and this one is no different. Han Solo had to land the heavily damaged Falcon and needs to get back in the fight to help out Rogue Squadron. So what does he do? He suits up to climb on board an X-Wing, much to the consternation of Chewbacca.

Leia and her strike team have made their way on board the Executor and are extracting the files necessary to get the fleet back up and running. When she calls for her rear guard to get a situation report, there’s silence. (Darth Vader Theme) Vader has killed them all and is heading their way. Leia, her team and a familiar face from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story need to find a way to hold off Vader and complete the download of the information. A situation that becomes easier said than done when they find themselves trapped in a hanger trying to escape with only one Tie Fighter available and a lightsaber punching a hole in the door.

I love the tension and pace of this issue. Gillen does a great job of crafting a story that has the pacing of one of the movies with the drama and action ramped up to a degree that makes every scene pop. I love the call backs to Rogue One in this issue and I really enjoy Gillen taking the time to include a story that isn’t that far removed time-wise from where the Rebels are in this issue.

Larroca’s art is amazing. I loved every detail and the shifts in visual tone between the character moments and every appearance of Vader were great. You really got the sense of malevolence and darkness when the story transitioned to Vader and it’s exactly what was needed to keep the tension of this issue high.

Star Wars #54




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