The Life of Captain Marvel #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Margaret Stohl

Art by Carlos Pacheco and Marguerite Sauvage

Inks by Rafael Fonteriz

Colors by Marcio Menyz

Letters by Clayton Cowles

More secrets are revealed as the drama surrounding Carol’s past continues to intensify. In order to escape the drama and get some clarity, Carol goes for a run with Louis and he finally tells her how he feels about her. Unfortunately, they don’t get enough time to explore that revelation because a beacon that Carol found in her dad’s things is blaring and she needs to get rid of it.

After returning home, she and her brother discuss another memory that Carol has suppressed. One that might the first indication the she saw who her dad was having an affair with and that person might not be human. When a series of Kree drones descends on the town, Carol needs to get her head back in the game and protect her friends and family. As the mystery alien finds her way to the Danvers home, we find out that Carol’s mother has some secrets of her own.

I loved the end of this issue. I was waiting for more information to be revealed and to understand how this new threat was connected to Carol and was pleasantly surprised that I was surprised at what happened. There are so many new dimensions opening up in this series and Stohl does an amazing job of keeping the story interesting and engaging. I look forward to every issue because the story is personal, but also finds a way to evolve Carol as a character through her journey.

The art is always amazing and I continue to love the transition in styles between the present and the past. Both artists bring something rich and unique to how they tell their part of the story and they do a great job of blending in this issue.

The life of captain marvel #3




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