Moon Knight

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 6

Gods and Monsters

As Moon Knight joins the fray, Marc, Steven and Khonshu must work together to stop Ammit. 

In the aftermath of Marc getting shot, Harrow has Ammit and it’s time for Layla to be the hero Marc needs. We get to see what Harrow does with the power when he confronts a group of soldiers on the road. It’s an intense scene that has a nice mix of humor in it as well with Taweret trying to warn Layla against attacking Harrow and telling her how to free Marc. 

Things get more intense when the other avatars face Harrow and he finally frees Ammitt. The CGI in this series is fantastic and the way the characters look is even better. I wasn’t expecting the level of detail on the digital characters that we got, but Ammitt is brilliantly adorned and menacing. Layla finally releases Khonshu and they face off as Marc finds his way to the field of reeds. It’s a touching scene that shows the evolution of Marc as a character. 

Marc goes back for Steven in a beautifully touching scene as Khonshu faces off against Ammit and Moon Knight returns. We also get to see the return of Mr. Knight and a new deal is struck just in time to show off Khonshu’s powers. At the same time, Layla makes a decision. One that will make her powerful in her own right. It’s a totally badass moment for the character and brilliantly filmed. 

At the same time, there is a beautifully filmed fight between Ammit and Khonshu as Layla, Marc and Steven face off against Harrow. Like most fights in superhero movies, there is a moment of peril for the hero, but this series does something strange and interesting with its finale. Something that has been wonderfully teased throughout the series. Something I will not spoil here, but is definitely well done and totally earned. 

The final episode of Moon Knight brings all of its elements, both story and character together brilliantly and delivers an explosive, fun, thrilling and amazing hour of television. Everything in the episode works and the episode still had time to take huge chances, be mysterious and stuck the landing both with its abrupt ending and its beautifully revelatory after credits scene. 

Moon Knight S01XE06



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