Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Steve Orlando and Nyla Rose

Art by David Cutler

Inks by Jose Marzan Jr and Roberto Poggi

Colors by Irma Kniivila

Letters by Travis Landham

The Rundown: John Proudstar returns from the dead and his journey to rediscover his roots leads to trouble.

John Proudstar aka Thunderbird was one of the first mutants to die on a mission for Xavier. Now he’s been resurrected on Krakoa, but he knows that his path back to his who is starts with a return home to see his grandmother. Unfortunately, his grandmother and the other adults on the reservation have been taken by the police in order to be turned over to agents of Orchis in order to harvest their genetic material.

Donning a new uniform, Thunderbird races into action to confront the racist police force that took his people. As he fights to free them, he discovers that an old foe is in command of some powerful forces of his own and will stop at nothing to take what they believe is their property.

The Story: Orlando and Rose craft a story that speaks to some powerful themes. Thunderbird’s internal struggles are handled brilliantly and the external threats are rooted in a dark reality that many first nation’s groups can relate to. The story is wonderfully paced with great action, intense drama and an awesome message.

The Art: Cutler delivers some awesome art in the issue. The style is great, the action is intense and the expression filled characters are beautifully detailed.

Giant-Size X-Men: Thunderbird #1



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