Moon Knight

Disney Plus

Season 1 Episode 5


Marc & Steven search through their memories to find their truth or become left behind. 

Marc’s reconnection with Steven leads to some strange circumstances including a flashback. Unfortunately, it all ends and returns him back to his doctor’s office, Arthur Harrow. The production design of this scene is beautiful with its disturbing white everywhere mixed with the cracked walls. Marc and Steven find themselves face to face with Taweret, goddess of the underworld. Things get more interesting visually when Marc and Steven’s hearts have to be weighed and balanced. 

The episode serves as a rough kind of recap episode, but also showcases the Marc/Steven dynamic really well as the two have to travel through their memories to find some kind of balance. Steven finds himself in one of young Marc’s memories and discovers one of Marc’s long buried and traumatic memories. A memory that will bring adult Marc face to face with the consequences of his actions. 

The story takes some seriously dark and surreal turns as Marc and Steven confront Marc’s family trauma. A trauma that Marc will violently protect. The internal struggle is brilliantly done and has some real emotional stakes involved leading right up to the moment Marc is confronted by Khonshu and the deal he makes with him. These are some powerful scenes that Isaac plays pitch perfect as both characters. 

When Harrow’s plans cause souls to enter the underworld, Taweret warns them that they need to balance their scales if they have any chance of returning to the world to stop him. Unfortunately, that means confronting the darkest memory in his life. A memory that reveals the truth about Steven and his connection to Marc’s trauma. It’s a powerfully deep scene that strips away the comedic elements and showcases something that many might find emotionally triggering. 

Oscar Isaac is brilliant in this episode. He tackles the emotional range necessary to be vulnerable in scenes that require it as well as tap into the distinct personalities of Marc and Steven. Everything leads to a gloriously bittersweet moment that fans will either love or hate. The entire episode is fantastic from start to finish. It is emotional, thrilling and gorgeous to look at. I cannot wait for the finale. 

Moon Knight S01XE05



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