Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 5

All Souled Out

Luke finds himself in the middle of another fight except this time, it’s between lawyers. Elden Henson returns as Foggy Nelson for this episode that finds Luke sitting across from Cockroach and his sleazy attorney as the criminal plays victim after the beating he took from Luke. Once again, Luke’s temper gets the better of him and it is evident to everyone in the room and on tape.


He’s given an opportunity to pay off Cockroach and he and Foggy go over his options. I love this scene  because Luke has no intention of selling out for the sake of money, but Foggy clues him into some realities that he can no longer take for granted, especially in his current situation.

Mariah is really trying to make a go of going straight and she is trying to get Tilda on board with a new clinic she’s building that she wants her daughter to run. Her desire to find a way to be of service is admirable, but you can tell that the fury and anger that she tries so hard to suppress is still there under the surface. At the same time, Misty heads to the Rand Corporation to begin the next chapter of her journey back. Misty and Luke’s journey works well as a partnership and I live how she brings up calling Danny when she finds out about Luke’s financial problems.


As he deals with the only offers he has coming his way, I love the fact that “Enhanced” is still used a descriptor of people with powers. Unfortunately, Luke has no choice but to take the offer Foggy lays out of a personal appearance and you will not believe who is putting up the money. It’s a fun and funny scene that does a great job of tying the stories together, especially when Luke’s benefactor becomes the target of both Shades and Bushmaster.


I love the lighter tone to this episode and especially the side characters who have done so much to enhance every scene they are in. The breakout in this episode is definitely Chaz Lamar Shepherd as Raymond “Piranha” Jones. He has some awesome scenes in this episode that test Luke on many levels. To the point where we finally get to see some Heroes for Hire action. The season is definitely heating up.

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